Some know me by ‘bun’ my real name however is Andrew, you can call me either. I am half way through the 20’s of which I must rejoice in all that I have lived and experienced.  I am passionate about many things but they all tend to gravitate from one point of Origin and that is Jesus Christ, I am Happy from the start to out myself as a Christian, even more so I am an evangelical: I believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, came down to earth from Heaven at the will of his father (and his own accord) walked around a bit preached, called 12 Men and a lot of others to follow him, died and rose again for me and for you so that we could know the love of a heavenly father.



I am currently training for the Anglican Ministry in Ireland (Don’t ask how I got to this point) before that I worked in IT as a software and web developer, but throughout all of this, I am passionate about God, Mission and his church.  As you can read about in some of the older blog posts I was blessed to spend three months (between April and July 2015) Living in Musoma Tanzania working through Tearfund with their Partner Charity ‘Go Make a Difference Tanzania’ (GoMad), this blog will be a musing of whatever I feel lead to write about !

Yours In Christ

Andrew Irwin



One thought on “About

  1. Thank you so much Andrew. We share the same passions, and it is so good to know you are allowing God to take you to greater levels. I commit to pray for you everyday this year. I can’t wait to see what God will have you do! Let me know if there are specific needs I can pray about!


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