Some know me by ‘bun’ my real name however is Andrew, you can call me either. I am half way through the 20’s of which I must rejoice in all that I have lived and experienced.  I am passionate about many things but they all tend to gravitate from one point of Origin and that is Jesus Christ, I am Happy from the start to out myself as a Christian, even more so I am an evangelical: I believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, came down to earth from Heaven at the will of his father (and his own accord) walked around a bit preached, called 12 Men and a lot of others to follow him, died and rose again for me and for you so that we could know the love of a heavenly father.



I am currently training for the Anglican Ministry in Ireland (Don’t ask how I got to this point) before that I worked in IT as a software and web developer, but throughout all of this, I am passionate about God, Mission and his church.  As you can read about in some of the older blog posts I was blessed to spend three months (between April and July 2015) Living in Musoma Tanzania working through Tearfund with their Partner Charity ‘Go Make a Difference Tanzania’ (GoMad), this blog will be a musing of whatever I feel lead to write about !

Yours In Christ

Andrew Irwin


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  1. Sarah Wylie says:

    Thank you so much Andrew. We share the same passions, and it is so good to know you are allowing God to take you to greater levels. I commit to pray for you everyday this year. I can’t wait to see what God will have you do! Let me know if there are specific needs I can pray about!


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