My Name is Andrew Irwin, I am currently wokring as an assistant minister within the Anglican Church in Ireland. I started this blog some time in 2015 to journey and document some of my time (with an amazing Tearfund Team) in Tanzania, since then it has grown into something of a mesh of travel updates, sermons, reflections, and all things theological. I love writing and thinking, although I am not sure if I am very good at it! However if you will bear with me and excuse: the length of some posts, the random capitialisaiton of letters, and the bad spelling. Then, it is my prayer that something here may be of use to you!

Before minisry I had a fairly normal job working in the IT sector in NI as a software and web developer. Thus, I love technology and try to dabble in tech things to keep my mind fresh and to distract me from the realities of life. However, my passion, heart and desire is for discipleship: seeing people come to faith, grow in it, and to play my part in God’s Mission and his Church. I (lke many) others long to see the church be what it is meant to be, and do what it is meant to do. So I pray that this small space of the internet, and blog sphere aids in that process in some way. I would love to chat, so if you have any questions or concerns please give me a shout.  As you can read about in some of the older blog posts I was blessed to spend three months (between April and July 2015) Living in Musoma Tanzania working through Tearfund with their Partner Charity ‘Go Make a Difference Tanzania’ (GoMad), that time away only increased in me a love of Africa, travel and the Global church. I have been blessed to have travelled across the world and meet some wonderful people, and I pray that I am able to travel more soon. I’ll finish (for now) with this quote from Tim Challies:

“Yet I am convinced the church will be healthier and those ministry sites will ultimately have better material to share if we continue to have a thriving Christian blogosphere.”


Yours In Christ

Andrew Irwin

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  1. Thank you so much Andrew. We share the same passions, and it is so good to know you are allowing God to take you to greater levels. I commit to pray for you everyday this year. I can’t wait to see what God will have you do! Let me know if there are specific needs I can pray about!


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