Will you Listen?

We are all announcing something, but hear is an announcement like no other. The question is will you listen? Will you respond to the call?

God is always at work

Genesis 37: The Life of Joseph Introduction This morning we are looking at Genesis 37, Where we meet for the first time Joseph the favoured son of his father, born of the beloved Rachel and in the last stages of his Fathers life.  We now enter into the final section of the Book of Genesis….

The Unfair God

Jesus talks about the unfairness of God and his kingdom but its not in a way we would expect it.

Psalm 63: Delighting in The Lord

Introduction This week we are basing ourselves in the chapter ‘Spiritual Freshness’ from Vaughan Roberts book Battles Christians Face.  The big idea of the chapter is the battles we as Christians face to remain fresh or vibrant in our faith.  It seems like a strange one, especially in light of the last few weeks where…