Will you Listen?

We are all announcing something, but hear is an announcement like no other. The question is will you listen? Will you respond to the call?

Hope Because of the Resurrection

The resurrection is the event that as Disciples we stand in, have been saved by and are being made new through. The Resurrection of Jesus gives us hope because it is central to everything we believe.

The Call of God

Introduction The call of God is an awesome thing to consider especially in light of the journey I am currently on. It is the language we often here spoken within the Christian world. There are many different aspects to the call of God on the Christian: there is the original call to the sinner when…

Finally Alive

Just as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so go on living in him—in simple faith. JP Phillips ‘Alive’ is a word often in the mind, yet rarely spoken from the mouth. Consider this, you have just had a moment that impels adrenaline through your body, an instant of absolute exhilaration or bliss and it…