Ready to Go

i am currently sitting in Heathrow Terminal 2. Doing the traveller thing of finding the nearest plugs to charge your phone and whatever other electronics you had to bring. Bit of travel advice always. Always  a battery charger they are amazing. 

Forgive me for the quality of the writing here I am typing on y iPad which is slow and not as practical as you would think.  Also forgive me for my style of writing to many capitals letters and words spelt wrong but I am not overly concerned with correcting them just updating them.

I left this house around 3:40 this morning and while I will miss everyone I have never felt more at peace about anything. I am so excited for to see What God is going to do with me as an individual and the team I am wing ( currently waiting for them ) I am excited to embrace a new culture and try to learn a new language that is put code based. I am genuinely excited and thankful to God for the peace that passes all understanding. 

I have meet the team already at a Tearfund weekend in London and I cannot wait to spend time wing them.  From here we catch a flight to instanbul at 4.30 this afternoon, then a flight to Niarobi. Where we should spend the night and then the great treat down the road to Musoma. ( if you could pray that all are travel goes perfectly that would be great and tag we manage to get some rest and for luggage etc that would be amazing. 

Otherwise this is me for now I am going to enjoy the piece  of the airport for a while here 

Yours in Christ 


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