The journey to Tanzania 

well we have gotten here. What a journey. God was so faithful because every went so well.

Travelling from to Kenya. 

My journey started at 3am from home. When after saying goodbyes to mum and Iain, dad drove my up to Belfast international paid for his 10 minutes to drop me off and said “see you in July” 

After flying to stanstead and 6:10 catching the coach to Heathrow I settled into waiting for the next few hours until everyone arrived bit by bit. 

The team is great, everyone is different but we all are united but wh same passions and I can’t wait to spend the next three months getting to know them. 

The flights where uneventful, I love flying and Turkish airways are a Turkish delight to fly with. But there flights in one day is the most tiring experience I have been through. Especially as I find it so hard to sleep while seated. But thank God for inflight entertainment ! 

Our flight leaving for Kenya was fine. But we ended up waiting on the runway for an extra hour for some reason. After a few more movies and a few more attempted to sleep we touched touched down in Niarobi at around 8am. There is something about an African airport that just gets to me. No western frills or fancy shops just a departure long an arrival lounge some security and a few vending machines. 

The drive down to Tanzania was a solid 10 hours and in between some attempted at sleeping I seen some of the most breath taking scenary. African is truly stunning and it gives you an insight into how big God is. 

We arrived in Musoma around 9 at night. Meet everyone else living in the house. Everyone is fantasic so the last few days we have spent settling in and adjusting to life in this area. 

I will update more about what we have been doing when I have decent internet. 

Prayer points

  • That we as a team would bond. We have joined with a group from Go MAD who are great. Just that we would become s convenient community
  • As we decided what projects we want to do, so that we can make a difference. 
  • That we would each preform our team roles well. 
  • That we would not be overwhelmed by the hopelessness sometimes you see 
  • For the hight rate of malaria in the area. 
  • For the churches we will be working with. 
  • For the diocese of Mara who are electing a new bishop. That he will be evangelical and Love God and contains the mission of the church. 


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