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This is Team Twendee from Tearfund and ‘Go Make a difference’ in Tanzania we are working with the Anglican church in the town of Musoma in the Anglican Disocese  of Mara, we have been based in Musoma for around 5 weeks now and have been so blessed by what we have encountered and experience.  I can truly say that we have been profoundly changed, challenged and touched.  Over the last few weeks God has lead us to various projects, including finishing off a church in area called songembelle (  Literally translate to keep moving forward ) as a team this is what we want to do, to help people moved forward in every way we can whether that is through providing healthcare when needed, building goat sheds to provide a  sustainable income for families.

God has also lead us to become heavily involved in a local primary school in a village called Niambeshi.  A school with over 1300 pupils and 30 teachers,  A school with limited toilets facilities for the teachers this is something that we have helped, setting out to build a brand new toilet block that will last the school for at least the next 30 years.

As so often in the case when you have been in an area for a longer period of time God starts to opened your eyes to things, he starts to give you a desire to do more.  As a team we our so thankful for everything that has been given to support is in our time here, but equally as a team we feel certain of what God has laid on our hearts, that is why we are  asking for you help.  There are two things we want to move Forward, the first and most important by far is giving the school access to clean water, as a team we have committed to building one 15,000 litre water tank for the school, they are so thankful.  But when you do the maths  that’s only 11.5  litres per pupil during the dry season.  We believe this isn’t right and we want to do something about it, we want to build another 15,000 litre water tank and to do this we need your help  its cost about £1200 to build a 15,000 litre water tank, if we could build another one for the school that would give each pupil 23 litres of water, for an extra pound per pupil we can double the amount of water they have access to.

The second thing we want to help with is the Church in Songembelle, we have been able to put a roof on their walls and gives them a place to meet, it means they are no longer dependant on the weather, So whether the sun in soaring high in the sky or the rain is pouring down they can meet;  Praise God.  But the church still isn’t finished, We believe in the church of Songemebelle and their vision for the future, a vision to impact the area, not just with the Gospel, but a vision that is big enough to meet the needs of the community they exist it, a dream that includes building a health Centre, a Primary school and so much more.  To help them move forward we want to finish of the church, to give them a building they can use to build Gods kingdom. We calculate that the floor will cost around £1000 to complete.

So we are asking you to help up raise £2200, our priority will be the water tank at the school, because this meets a need right now. That’s £1200 for the water tank and £1000 for the church floor, will you help us ?

If So then please click here:


Yours in Christ


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