Kenya Update 

It’s Friday and I do not know where the week has went. Since landing on Sunday on the Tarmac in Nairobi it has been none stop, I am now settled into the beautiful Anglican Hotel in Kaijado which is nicer that some hotels I have stayed in in Belfast. Something that has been both a positive and a negative has been getting going from the first hour available, negative in that I felt the effects of the travel for the best part of this week, positive in that I have been able to do a lot in such a short space of time. 


 I have been partnered with Martin, who is the Youth pastor for the Cathedral. Which is also a large Anglican Parish. He is nuts in all the best ways full of energy and life and passionate about his role and the gospel changing the lives of the young people he is working with. I have been visiting houses with him, some young people and some in the church. He is full of wisdom when it comes to visiting such as, arriving unannounced so that we do not have to fall victim to the beautiful spirit of hospitality in Kenya and Africa in general. If it was prearranged I would be eating and drinking tea at every house meaning I would have to pay more the seat on the flight back because of the extra weight ! Visiting houses has opened up an insight into the average lives of people and the disparity between some. Some houses on the outside look like noting more that a shed, yet when you enter them people have sacrificed to make it something more, to make it a home to be proud of. 


As well as visiting I have had the privilege of sharing in the life of some of the young adults who are meeting this week because the schools are off. Sort of a small group that meets everyday to discuss life and issues of faith. One thing I have been reintroduced to in Kenya is the African timing. One of the meetings was meant to began at 3 and at 4:15 we finally got going, it is part of life here in a way very good, people are relaxed and no one is rushing anywhere. The youth are very good and attentive and want to know more of Jesus and want it means to be a follower of him. Beyond that there is a strong desire to improve, with a lot of the discussion focusing on education and making the most of your chance. It’s a beautiful thing to see people taking so serious, what I took for granted. 
One of the hardest moments has been a family we visited on Monday, the mother had just been released from hospital on Monday so we visited to give thanks to God that she was on the mend. On Wednesday, when we where walking into town, Martin explained that we where going back because the women had been confirmed HIV positive. I was a bit taken aback, I cannot image what it must be like to move from a place of hope to such despair, which was only affirmed when we entered the house. The mother had lost any expression of joy and was being feed by a loving sister, who was trying her best, her body almost lifeless as if all hope had abounded her. Martin had come to pray for her and to encourage her that with treatment she could have a good life, all I could do is sit there and pray quietly that God will bring someone good out of this situation. We also visited the hospital the ACK runs in the compound which although small seems to be doing a great work among people of all faith. 

 One of my favourite moments has to be getting lost on the way to visit a farm. When you get off the beaten tracks you find beauty and nothing else, the scenery was stunning. And it was a Moment of reflection on the wonder of creation. Also the Masai farm that sat on more land that the eye could see, the welcome we received was amazing and beyond needed. I have been adopted into a Masai family. 


 Pray points:

  • for the mother who has been confirmed HIV positive. That she would find hope again and know she can have a long life with treatment. 
  • Sunday School, the schools are off for the holidays and that means the church through the Sunday school has been doing a lot of kids work. Pray the it would be beneficial for all involved. 
  • Bishop Gadiel Katanga Lenini, who has been been sitting exams this week for his degree. 
  • The hospital and all the wonderful work it has done. 
  • Myself: that I would have energy to fulfil all I want to do here, that I would rest Enough and find time to spend with God during the busyness. 

Until next time. 


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